Health Check

Optimise, improve and fix your Puppet setup

in a complete Check Up with an expert

of your Code, Infrastructure, Logs

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Health Check

Optimise, improve and fix your Puppet setup


example42’s Holistic Puppet Health Check is the smartest way to review and optimise every aspect related to your Puppet World.

It’s delivered in 2 phases:

– An interactive, live, metodic check up of different components of your Puppet software infrastructure

– An offline analysis of your code base (where expected)

At the end of the consulting activities we provide and discuss a report, which goes beyond simple syntax and lint checks, and provides practical solutions and suggestions on how to modernise and optimise your Puppet code and infrastructure.

Interactive sessions are intended also as a training to better understand your Puppet setup and the metrics that influence its sanity and performance.



Health check is done analysing different elements of your Puppet world like:

  • The current Puppet reports to review how errors or recurrent changes can be fixed.
  • Your codebase organisation and fit
  • Deeper review of your classes and profiles highlighting parts that can be problematic or can be optimized.
  • The Puppet server’s logs, explaining and reviewing how to solve errors or warnings.
  • Automated check and lint of the code base.
  • We collect data together about code and infrastructure that can be statically analyzed.
  • Review your current Puppet Development workflow with  eventually suggest improvements.


You might be an IT manager, an head of DevOps, a Puppet administrator or developer, or anyone who has to professionally deal with Puppet software.

example42 is Alessandro Franceschi, founder of an ISP in 1995, doing Puppet development, consulting, training activities since since 2007 to hundreds of companies worldwide.


Activites are started as soon as requested and are supposed to last hours or days according to the depth of the analysys.

Interactive screen sharing sessions are planned and delivered in accordance with customer’s schedule.


Ask yourself where else you can get all at once a service with:

  • Expertise: Alessandro has vast experience in Puppet software and IT and Cloud operations
  • Flexibility: If it fits the calendar, we can start at any time. Worldwide.
  • Efficiency: We focus on the problem. No paperworks, tickets, unnecessary communications.
  • Knowledge transfer: Whatever is done is shared and explained to customer
  • Open source:  We release as open source our Puppet modules and code
  • Value for money: The time you will save and the value you get repay the cost multiple times.

Terms and conditions

  • Sessions can last from 2 to 3 hours, the indicative times are due to the fact that we want to avoid any incomplete activity
  • Improvements and optimisations report, Automated code checks and Code review are all done anyschnously online
  • The final discussion call is done after all the activities are done. Here we review together the Check Up findings and the possible fixes
  • Prices do not include VAT tax, where due

Instant Contact via WhatsApp

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