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example42 has changed shape and focus over the years.

It was started in 2008 by Alessandro Franceschi as an Open Source collection of Puppet modules.

From 2015 to 2021 it became a company, example42 GmbH, in collaboration with Martin Alfke.

From 2022 is the name used by Alessandro Franceschi for all his Puppet and IT activities: research, development, support, consulting, training, communication, mentoring.

Today more than ever, experience, expertise, pragmatism, professionalism, sharing attitude and flexibility really define what example42 is about.



Alessandro Franceschi (alvagante on GitHub and social).

More Op than Dev.

Hehas been working in IT since 1995 when he opened a Linux-based ISP in Italy.

Internet Service Provider.

He has was there in the early commercial Internet times and has worked under the hoods for all these years on the magics that make it happen.

Serial enterpreneur, he worked as webmaster, Linux trainer, network administrator, security expert, system administrator, web developer, infrastructure architect, consultant and trainer.

In 2000 he developed Openskills.info, website for sysadmins used as platform for the Linux courses he designed and teached for years.

In 2007, he started using Puppet (version 0.21) while working as a sysadmin at the Bank of Italy.

That has been a first-sight love, which has been maintained over the years.

He wrote the open source example42 modules, Tiny Puppet, and PSICK.

Delivered hundreds of Puppet trainings and workshops.

Worked on the Puppet infrastructures of hunderds of companies from StartUps to Top100 Corporations.

He has seen Puppet language and ecosystem growing and evolving, while performing dozens of code migrations and infrastructure updates.

If it’s about Puppet, Alessandro can help, at every level.

Passionate about knowledge sharing he never stops learning new things
as he realizes how much more there is to learn.