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Have Instant Puppet Support (on a best effort basis) directly from Puppet veteran Alessandro Franceschi on a remote shared screen session, where to solve problems like:

  • Your Puppet server is down
  • Your CI pipeline is broken
  • Your code can’t compile
  • Every Puppet related issue you have to solve as soon as possible

Have direct access to Alessandro’s knowledge and support for a year.

Get the hours package which better fits your budget and needs and have for a year the possibility to ask for any kind of remote support (via email, chat, video call) to work on things like:

  • Puppet errors you don’t know how or don’t have time to fix
  • Performance issues in the Puppet infrastructure
  • Problems related to Puppet software usage
  • Things to do, improve, or fix in your code and data
  • Advice on how to design a Puppet infrastructure
  • Puppet software migration issues
  • General advice on Puppet-related topics
  • Development of profiles or modules for custom apps

Plan flexibly units of 2 hours training sessions exactly on the topic you want, eventually working directly on your code base, where the instructor explains the theory behind your configurations adapting depth level and pace according to the attendees.

Imagine practicing directly on the participants’ setup, improving or consolidating sane Puppet workflow developments.

That’s an example42 Smart workshop.

A custom, dedicated training session where:

  • You decide the topics, things to do and priorities
  • We can discuss and work directly on your Puppet code
  • Depth level is adapted to the skills of the participants
  • You can have as many participants as you want
  • Sessions can be interactive and based on your development workflow
  • Where possible we can also try to improve it
  • Sessions are done on site or in remote video conferences

A real, live, interactive check-up of your Puppet world.

We connect in live shared screen sessions, when you introduce and explain your Open Source or Puppet Enterprise setup and code.

When check together useful metrics on performance and bottlenecks of the Puppet servers infrastructure and agents run times.

We check the current Puppet reports and review how errors or recurrent changes can be fixed.

We review your codebase together, highlighting parts that can be problematic or can be optimized.

We check the logs, explain and have guidance on how to solve errors or warnings.

We show how to mass check and lint the code base.

We collect data together about code and infrastructure that can be statically analyzed.

We review your current Puppet Development workflow and eventually suggest improvements.

The fastest, most effective and future ready way to start to automate your infrastructure with Puppet.

Use it to bootstrap a new project, automated since the beginning, or to introduce Puppet in an existing setup.

During the activities, delivered remotely in shared screen or onsite, for a whole period of 5 days (recommended, options are available) we setup together (you’ll run commands and configure things, with Alessandro’s advice and training):

Install an Open Source or Puppet Enterprise server (consider it a POC setup or directly the expected production server: it’s up to you)

– Install and configure the participants’ Puppet Development workstation

– Create a Puppet control-repo git repository and define a basic development workflow, eventually with a CI, from development workstation to Puppet server deployment

Discuss and review the different kind of configurations we have to puppettize and then collaboratively develop Puppet profiles

– Create and use a script to automate installation of Puppet agents and control rollout, showing where applicable how to manage safe introduction of Puppet on existing systems

At the end of the activities you are expected to have a fully functional state of the art Puppet infrastructure, where a code changes workflow has been implemented, adapted, and tested by participants while developing collaboratively, with an expert advice, the first elements of Puppet code needed.