Collaborative Consulting
Practical Training
Open Development


We deliver onsite and remote consulting services regarding:

  • Puppet Configuration Management
  • Automation and Continuous Integration
  • Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Hetzner Cloud)
  • Cloud Native (Docker, Containers, and Kubernetes)

A powerful service to bootstrap the automation of your infrastructure in a few days using Puppet.

  • We leverage our products Psick and Tiny Puppet and use selected public modules for accelerated setup
  • We work with you to set up the infrastructure together, to give you the best start
  • We help you integrate your team’s expertise into Puppet’s logic

Improvements report

A cost-effective report on your Puppet infrastructure health.

  • We analyze your Puppet server performances, your catalogs, your Puppet code, and your configurations
  • We provide a condensed summary of areas which could be improved
  • We suggest possible solutions and implementations


Our trainers have more than 10 years of training experience with Puppet, IT operations, and DevOps.

We love to share what we know and we share what matters 

We deliver trainings in English, German, and Italian.

We deliver onsite, remote, and classroom trainings:

  • Puppet — official trainings in collaboration with Puppet
  • Foreman/Katello custom training in collaboration with Linux Hotel
  • Ruby for Puppet — custom training in collaboration with ATIX

 Check our training page for the schedule of upcoming trainings

When standard courses don’t match customer needs, we provide onsite or remote custom workshops.

  • Contents, approach, and length are tailored to participants’ needs, skill levels, and preferences
  • We balance theory and practice, adapting to customer’s needs
  • We concentrate on Puppet,  DevOps solutions and modern IT architectures


We offer development services on Puppet infrastructure code.

example42 has been active in the Puppet modules community since 2009.

Our modules are used in thousands of companies and public institutions of all sizes.

A revolutionary and incredibly useful service: Remote Puppet Pair Programming

  • Work on your goals with well known World Class experts
  • Develop your infrastructure code with the help of experts who have been doing this for years
  • Remote, synchronous, collaborative coding sessions straight to the point

 Offered within the terms of the Fast Solutions for Puppet Errors  service

Whenever possible we try to Open Source our code.

If code written for customers can be used in any of our open source modules, we apply a special 50% discount on the development cost.

Save money and support OSS!