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example42 Smart Puppet workshops


An example42 Puppet Smart workshop is a custom, dedicated training session where:

  • You decide the topics, things to do and priorities
  • We can discuss and work directly on your Puppet code
  • Depth level is adapted to the skills of the participants
  • You can have as many participants as you want
  • Sessions can be interactive and based on your development workflow
  • Where possible we can also try to improve it
  • Sessions are done on site or in remote video conferences


Workshops are divided in sessions of 2 hours for remote activities or 1 day (8 hours) for onsite ones.

Remote sessions are done in shared screen calls and using collaborative development tools (Visual Studio Code with LiveShare plugin is the preferred choice).

Trainer will share slides and web pages, attendees will share their own Puppet code and interfaces


Onsite activities are delivered in consecutive days, online ones are split in sessions of 2 hours. More sessions can be delivered in the same days or split in multiple ones.


You might be a CTO, an Head of Operations or System Administrator, the person who has to make Puppet work or his boss or a professional who needs to consolidate Puppet skills.

Alessandro has more than 15 years of Puppet experience, has delivered hundreds of days of training, both online and onsite, all over the world.


Where else can you have professional training  tailored to your needs and skills, using directly your daily tools and workflows?

Where can you train as many people as you want paying a fixed price?

Where else do you find a Puppet expert ready to explain, at every level, any Puppet related topic?

Where else do you find the same flexibility and expertise?



Terms and conditions

  • Onsite activities do not include travel costs
  • You can buy one or more Remote or Onsite sessions
  • Discounts available on quantities
  • Prices do not include VAT tax, where due

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