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Long term, focused and flexible Puppet support


You can access to example42’s Smart Puppet support at any time via email or a chat message for any Puppet software related question.

Support is activated by purchasing any of the available packages, you can have access to it for a whole year with a flexible and very convenient pay per use approach.

After a suport request you will get a reply, either directly with the solution you are looking for or, if needed, with the we plan a remote call, where we discuss and work on anything you might be sharing on screen.


Support is available for a full year, until the time purchased is used.

Response times depend: they could range from few seconds to hours or even days (unlikely). No SLA guaranteed.

If further works are needed, anytime during the year, additional time can be purchased at discounted rates.


Support requests can be done for activities like:

  • Fix Puppet compilation errors
  • Have advice on how to solve a specific problem with Puppet
  • Review and tune Puppet performance and code
  • Puppet software migration activities
  • Development of profiles or modules for custom apps
  • Advice and fast implementation of new Greenfield setups
  • Code review: Review, optimization, and fixing of existing codebase


You might be an IT manager, an head of DevOps, a Puppet administrator or developer, or anyone who has to professionally deal with Puppet software.

example42 is Alessandro Franceschi, founder of an ISP in 1995, doing Puppet development, consulting, training activities since since 2007 to hundreds of companies worldwide.


Ask yourself where else you can get all at once a service with:

  • Expertise: Alessandro has vast experience in Puppet software and IT and Cloud operations
  • Flexibility: If it fits the calendar, we can start at any time. Worldwide.
  • Efficiency: We focus on the problem. No paperworks, tickets, unnecessary communications.
  • Knowledge transfer: Whatever is done is shared and explained to customer
  • Open source:  We release as open source our Puppet modules and code
  • Value for money: The time you will save and the value you get repay the cost multiple times.

Terms and conditions

  • Hours purchased can be used anytime for a period of a year
  • Reply to support requests is delivered 24h on a best effort basis: could be immediate or take hours or days
  • Activities are split using as minimal time unit 10 minutes.
  • Prices do not include VAT tax, where due

Instant Contact via WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp for the quickest and best way to get in contact with example42 to:

  • ask for more informations
  • get free quick help
  • have full commercial support