A Puppet Control repo and a module
to quickly setup a modern Puppet infrastructure
ready to manage most of the common systems configurations

PSICK - A Puppet Control Repo and a module


The ultimate
Puppet solution:
Control Repo
Infrastructure modules


Control Repo

A modern, opinionated, general purpose, fully featured, reusable Puppet control-repo [generator] on steroids, featuring:

  • Multiple ways to test local Puppet code (on Docker, Vagrant or directly remote hosts)
  • A Gitlab CI pipeline to control Puppet code deployment
  • Usability in any Puppet setup, based on Puppet OSS, PE, Foreman…
  • Powerful and easy ways to customize Multi-VM Vagrant environments
  • Documentation on Puppet and on various approaches to how to organize code and data
  • A separated sample Hieradata module for real-world usage examples


PSICK Puppet module

An innovative standalone Puppet module that can be used without the Psick control-repo. With a single, uniform module, it manages various common resources and components typically configured on Linux and Windows.

It can save you from using dozens of independent and heterogeneous modules.

Among its features:

  • A robust interface for Hiera driven nodes classification
  • Ready-to-use profiles for common system baselines
  • Support and integration with common third-party modules
  • Integration with Tiny Puppet and psick_profile modules

An optional companion module to the main psick one. It adds support for several common applications often managed via Puppet, leveraging on psick and tp modules.

Among its features:

  • All the parameters set in main psick module are used for defaults.
  • Several different applications are managed, adding to the powerful and lean abstraction of Tiny Puppet application specific resources
  • Ready-to-use profiles for common application.
  • You can cherry pick the profiles you want
  • Tp, psick and psick_profile modules alone can replace 90% of the Puppet modules you are using now
  • Support, where possible, for Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat derivatives and Suse), Windows and MacOS.

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