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Why example42?

The answer in brief: Experience and Expertise.

IT departments are complex environments, and before you can provide a solution for workflows, you should be aware of the real requirements. Of course, we offer expert knowledge about Puppet, but we also have many years of experience in IT, system administration and network and cluster configuration.

We know exactly what IT departments have to face in everyday life, but as consultants, we also know the typical weak spots. We have seen too often how not to do it.

We love Puppet because it’s a great software tool to make IT operations smarter, safer and faster. We aim to give our customers the best service and consultancy on how to improve their IT environment and we love to share our knowledge at training and events with users and customers.

We are official partners and work closely with Puppet Inc.




Martin Alfke has been working in IT since 1999. He worked for start-up companies, finance institutions and internet platforms, prior co-founding example42. He took care on Linux and Solaris systems and already liked automation principles even prior Puppet.

Martin learned about Puppet in 2008 and since then his work has changed from System Administrator to Infrastructure Developer. In 2011 he became official Puppet Trainer delivering all official german speaking Puppet trainings.

At example42 Martin is helping customers solving their issues using automation and DevOps principles.




Alessandro Franceschi has been working in IT since 1995 when he opened a Linux based ISP in Italy. As self-employed, he played different roles: WebMaster, Linux trainer, Network Administrator, Security expert, System Administrator and Web Developer.

In 2007 he started to use Puppet while working as SysAdmin at Bank of Italy. He wrote the Open Source example42 modules, Tiny Puppet and PSICK and delivered hundreds of Puppet training and consulting sessions world wide, facing the most diverse environments: from Start Ups to Top100 Corporates from institutions in the Public sector to the Vatican City State, always trying to share and deliver his passion for Puppet and infrastructures automation.
He never stops to learn new things and realise how much more there is to learn.



Senior IT Automation Consultant

Simon Hönscheid has always been curious and interested in IT. He started his apprenticeship as a Systems Engineer in 2009 after a short detour into design. Working for a Linux driven company, he learned about open source and how the ecosystem works. During this time, he became familiar with his first specialisation: Monitoring.

At the end of his apprenticeship, he picked up Puppet as a solution to automate repetitive tasks. He immediately got fascinated and delved into Puppet and the surrounding DevOps ecosystem. With automation, other things became an issue; that was how Simon discovered log aggregation and log management with Elasticsearch. Recently containers and Kubernetes have become his favourite technical playground.

Automate Your Routine Tasks so Your System Administrators Can Focus on Key Business Factors

Keep your IT environment consistent and secure, solve problems and new tasks faster.
The improved workflows will benefit not only the IT staff, but also the entire company.

Get Instant Help with Remote Puppet Pair Programming

A revolutionary, fast, flexible and incredibly  useful service from example42:
Remote Pair Programming and Troubleshooting with World Class Puppet Experts.

Raise the Bar with Puppet Trainings

Improve your Puppet knowledge with the help exprerienced trainers.
Onsite, Remote and Classroom trainings on official Puppet courses or custom workshops.

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