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Your smartest choice for consulting and training on Puppet, DevOps and Cloud automation. Learn here why.



You are working with Puppet software and have already experience with it, still you are looking for that extra support for the next level.

Alternatively, you plan to automate the setup and management of a new IT project or your servers infrastructure.

You might be a sysadmin, a Head of DevOps, an IT manager or a Puppet apprentice, and you have to automate your servers configuration.


example42 is lead by Alessandro Franceschi, one of the most recognized and known Puppet experts in the world.

Today more than ever, experience, expertise, pragmatism, professionalism, sharing attitude and flexibility really define what example42 is about.



example42 provides smart professional Puppet (software) services, where expertise and flexibility make an unique offer:

Urgent support on any Puppet related issue

Continuous support and on-demand consulting, on your Puppet infrastructure

Setup or migrate an IT infrastructure or project

Develop Puppet modules and profiles


example42 main Open Source projects:

PSICK, a fully featured-reusable, modern Puppet control-repo

psick module, a Puppet module with a collection of reusable profiles for common use cases

Tiny Puppet, a Puppet module that can let you install and configure every application on every common OS


Contact and quick answers are free.

If the problem you have to solve with Puppet (software) takes longer you can purchase one of the available support options.


When you want. Also now via a WhatsApp message directly to Alessandro Franceschi / example42.
He might be online and quickly available or be sleeping or busy.
In any case he will reply when possible, on best effort.
Specify if urgent, and, speed up interactions, don’t wait for an answer, just provide any useful info on the Puppet problem you have or what you need to fix or accomplish.


example42 services are offered world wide.

Both remote and onsite, where possible.


Ask yourself what you need to do with Puppet and how much it may cost you.

Then consider what you can get from a shared screen call with someone who has worked on Puppet and IT operations for the last 15 years, on hundeds of different infrastructures, with different generations of code bases.

Contact Alessandro and have your own idea.

Why Puppet software?

Automation is a prerequisite in modern IT, and Puppet allows you to manage infrastructure as code, improving safety, consistency, and productivity. As an Open Source software configuration tool, Puppet automates the administration of your data center. This platform-independent tool runs on Linux, Unix, Unix-like, and Microsoft Windows systems.

Puppet Partner - Authorized Reseller / Solution Provider

Puppet is a trademark of Puppet Inc.
Lab42 srl is a Puppet Authorized Reseller and Solution Provider partner and delivers also direct support on Open Source and Puppet Enterprise setups and codebase.

Infrastructure management automation

With Puppet software, users automate infrastructures in a complete, reliable, and controlled way. Through Puppet, you are able to manage server configuration, network setups, container infrastructure, and cloud provisioning.

Systems auditing and security

Puppet keeps systems continuously managed; it enforces security hardening, audits configuration drifts, and ensures that the infrastructure remains compliant and under control.

Declarative and imperative

Puppet and Bolt , which can be tightly integrated, provide the best of configuration management worlds — continuous management of the infrastructure, remote task execution, and orchestration.

Infrastructure awareness

Puppet ecosystem goes beyond configuration. It provides tools and features that allow full visibility of the infrastructure and the ongoing changes, giving you full control when introducing changes.