Work on Puppet and IT Automation with experts

Puppet Consulting and Development

example42 works with customers to successfully automate IT infrastructures with Puppet software.
We provide Puppet code review, development and the structure of infrastructure code. We also offer support for Puppet software migrations and implementations based on our vast practical experience.

Puppet software and DevOps Training

We offer onsite and remote trainings. As Puppet Training Partners, we not only teach official courses from Puppet (“Getting started with Puppet” and “Puppet Practitioner”) but also provide our own trainings  (currently “Foreman/Katello” and “Ruby for Puppet“). Other DevOps topics are available on demand as custom workshops.

IT Automation Consulting

 We have substantial experience in IT Operations and Automation, which we share with our customers.
Our consulting sessions are often based on a hands-on problem solving. We work together to set up or optimize CI/CD pipelines, to adopt Cloud technologies and deployments, an to introduce DevOps processes and tool sets.

Meet Us

example42 members frequently speak at IT conferences, and the company  sponsors national and international events.

Find the full agenda on the events page and let’s meet and have a good discussion about life, the universe, and automation.


example42 actively supports and develops Open Source projects. The ones we are actively developing are: PSICK, a fully featured-reusable, modern Puppet control-repo; Tiny Puppet, a module that can manage any application; and HDM, a Hiera Data Manager frontend.


We like sharing our knowledge of and experience with Puppet software and automation.

In our blog, you will find small tutorials, tips, and tricks for Puppet software and Puppet modules. General topics detailing DevOps tools and practices are also covered.

Why Puppet software?

Automation is a prerequisite in modern IT, and Puppet allows you to manage infrastructure as code, improving safety, consistency, and productivity. As an Open Source software configuration tool, Puppet automates the administration of your data center. This platform-independent tool runs on Linux, Unix, Unix-like, and Microsoft Windows systems.

We are Puppet Training and Professional Services Partners.

Infrastructure management automation

With Puppet software, users automate infrastructures in a complete, reliable, and controlled way. Through Puppet, you are able to manage server configuration, network setups, container infrastructure, and cloud provisioning.

Systems auditing and security

Puppet keeps systems continuously managed; it enforces security hardening, audits configuration drifts, and ensures that the infrastructure remains compliant and under control.

Declarative and imperative

Puppet and Bolt , which can be tightly integrated, provide the best of configuration management worlds — continuous management of the infrastructure, remote task execution, and orchestration.

Infrastructrure awareness

Puppet ecosystem goes beyond configuration. It provides tools and features that allow full visibility of the infrastructure and the ongoing changes, giving you full control when introducing changes.

WHY example42?


We as a company believe in Open Source, DevOps culture, and knowledge sharing because we love the Puppet tool and all the technologies that make IT operations smarter.

Offering and sharing our vast IT experience and world-class knowledge of Puppet software and DevOps practices is important to us.



Sharing attitude