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Instant (on best effort) support on Puppet software


Instant Puppet support is the quickest and most effective way to have urgent support on any Puppet related issue you may have:

  • Puppet errors you don’t know how or don’t have time to fix
  • Performance issues in the Puppet infrastructure
  • Problems related to Puppet software usage
  • Things to do, improve, or fix in your code and data
  • Help in fixing a broken CI
  • Any expert help on Puppet-related topics


In a typical urgent engagement:

    • You send a message or email and explain your problem, underlying its urgency
    • If urgent we replay ASAP and plan a call
    • We work together on your issue using video conferencing tools with screen sharing
    • If it involves your production, you decide, take responsibility, and perform any activity while sharing your screen. Alessandro just advises at the best of his possibilities.


Shared screen call is setup as soon as possible, according to Alessandro’s availability.

Works are done for the included amount of time. If Alessandro realises he can’t help you in solving the problem, he states that and you don’ t have to pay anything.

If solution is delivered within 30 minutes the reduced Blitz! rate can apply and we can happily end the activities.


You might be a Head of Operations, a System Administrator, the person who has to make Puppet work or his boss.

Alessandro has more than 15 years of Puppet experience in different environments and have seen a wide variety of issues, infrastructure, and code complexity.

It’s likely he has already seen your errors or issues and he knows where to investigate.


How much is costing you the Puppet related issue you’re having?
What are the direct and indirect costs if you don’t solve it quickly?
How much time do you eventually need to solve the problem by yourself?
How much does that cost?

Then do your maths.

Terms and conditions

  • Urgent requests gets maximum priority, but there are no guarantees on intervention times: can se seconds or hours
  • Prices do not include VAT tax, where due

Instant Contact via WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp for the quickest and best way to get in contact with example42 to:

  • ask for more informations
  • get free quick help
  • have full commercial support

Alternative: Instant Puppet support form

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(*) Of course, instant is not now!

Support sessions are scheduled as soon as possible based on availability.
Support is available worldwide, Alessandro generally is in GMT+1 timezone, but is always flexible to adapt to unconventional working hours / days.