PSICK Control-repo and module

Tiny Puppet

Hiera Data Manager

PSICK (Puppet Systems Infrastructure Construction Kit)

A modern, opinionated, general purpose, fully featured, reusable Puppet control-repo [generator] on steroids, featuring:

  • Multiple ways to test local Puppet code (on Docker, Vagrant or directly remote hosts)
  • Gitlab CI pipeline to control Puppet code deployment
  • Usable in any Puppet setup, based on Puppet OSS, PE, Foreman…
  • Toolset to create and maintain a new control-repo based on PSICK (WIP)
  • Various powerful and easy to customise Multi-VM Vagrant environments
  • Documentation on Puppet and on various approaches to how to organise code and data
  • Separated sample Hieradata module for real world usage examples

PSICK module

An innovative standalone Puppet module that can be used without the Psick control-repo to manage with a single, uniform module a lot of common resources and components typically managed on Linux and Windows.

It can save you from using dozens of independent and heterogeneous modules.

Among its features:

  • A robust interface for Hiera driven nodes classification
  • Ready to use profiles for common system baselines
  • Support and integration with common third party modules
  • Integration with Tiny Puppet and tp_profiles

Tiny Puppet – Essential Application Management with Puppet

Tiny Puppet (tp) is a Puppet module that allows to manage any application on any Operating System (Linux flavours, Solaris, Darwin, Windows) .

It features:

  • Quick, easy to use, standard, coherent, powerful interface to applications installation and their config files management.
  • Out of the box and easily expandable support for most common Operating Systems
  • Modular data source design. Support for an easily growing set of applications.
  • Smooth coexistence with any existing Puppet modules setup: you decide what to manage
  • Optional shell command (tp) which can be used to install, test, query for logs any tp managed application.

The expected users are both experienced sysadmins who know exactly how to configure their applications and absolute beginners who want to simply install an application.


HDM (Hiera Data Manager) – a webfrontend for visualising and managing Hiera data.

We learned from several customers, that most of them have specifc requirements when it comes to managing application data.

Data must be able to be modified by a person which:

  • has no knowledge on Git
  • has no knowledge on Puppet
  • only runs Windows on Workstation

Therefore we decided to develop Hiera Data Manager (HDM).

HDM starts with letting you select a desired environment where you want to check or change data.

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