Tiny Puppet

Essential Application Management with Puppet
A Puppet module to easily manage and configure
ANY application on ANY Operating System

Tiny Puppet – Essential Application Management with Puppet

Tiny Puppet (tp) is a Puppet module that allows you to manage any application on any Operating System (Linux Distributions, Solaris, Darwin, Windows) .

It features:

  • A quick, easy-to-use, standard, coherent, powerful interface to install applications and manage their config files.
  • Out-of-the-box and easily expandable support for most common Operating Systems
  • Modular data source design and support for an easily growing set of applications.
  • Smooth coexistence with any existing Puppet modules setup: you decide what to manage
  • Optional shell command (tp) which can be used to install, test, query for logs any tp-managed application.

The expected users are both experienced sysadmins who know exactly how to configure their applications and absolute beginners who simply want to install an application.

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