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Why Puppet software?

Consider the following:

  • Do you have a network environment with many servers and/or different deployment environments, including public, private and hybrid clouds?
  • Does your IT department spend a lot of time manually configuring systems? How long do you need to implement changes?
  • Is it difficult to maintain consistency across your datacenter’s infrastructure and to keep everything up-to-date and ensure IT security
  • Do you want to spend less time on time-consuming routine tasks, giving you more time to improve your service and to develop new solutions that meet the increasing demands of your business?

Then keep on reading on why Puppet is the perfect solution for you!

Configuration management

Puppet is an open-source configuration management tool that helps you to administrate your data center. It is platform independent and runs on Linux, Unix, Unix-like, and Microsoft Windows systems.

Typically, it operates in a client-server configuration. The Puppet server provides the configurations, which are delivered on request to the respective Puppet agent in the network.

With Puppet software, system administrators have the ability to easily automate repetitive tasks, to quickly deploy new consistent systems, and to rapidly deliver critical updates. Tasks and configuration settings are written in Puppet’s simple and common language, so they can be reused anywhere across the data center. This Puppet code is also usable within different deployment environments, including public, private and hybrid clouds.

Since the desired state of any infrastructure, middleware, or application can be precisely defined, Puppet immediately corrects unauthorized changes to managed components, which prevents inconsistent configurations and helps to avoid attacks on the systems.

Automate routine tasks

Automating routine tasks means system administrators and operators have more time to spend on more important and valuable tasks. They have more time to analyze and solve emerging problems as well. Moreover, new technologies can quickly be set up and run using one of the thousands of modules available on Puppet Forge. The efficiency and service in the IT department can be improved, allowing users to focus on new solutions and configurations.

Changes that had taken weeks or months before and had tied up resources can now be implemented within hours or even minutes.

It is not surprising that the Puppet tool is a widely trusted solution across every major industry. It keeps IT environments consistent and secure, solves problems and new tasks faster, and — thanks to the improved workflows —  not only increases the productivity of IT staff,  but of the entire company.

To be brief: Puppet software helps you to save time and money — and it makes your employees happier.

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