Ruby for Puppet

Example42 course: Ruby for Puppet

Berlin, Germany

Heinlein Akademie Berlin


Munich, Germany

ATIX AG Munich


Essen, Germany

Linuxhotel Villa Vogelsang

Ruby for Puppet is a three-day training course where participants learn about the Ruby part of Puppet for add-ons and extensions.

This course has been developed by example42 and is designed for participants who already have experience with Puppet and want to expand their knowledge, such as with extending Puppet functionality.

Participants learn how to extend Puppet Facter, how to implement Puppet Functions, and when and how to write their own set of Types and Providers.

The courses are held in German. Courses in English can be provided on request.



In this course, participants learn about Ruby concepts and how Puppet works internally.

The participants learn why to avoid system Ruby installations, how to separate Ruby extensions and projects from the underlying Ruby version, how to debug Ruby, and how to work with Ruby IRB.

Important components include:

  • Ruby Basics and creating development environments with rbenv or rvm
  • Working with Ruby Gems and Bundler
  • Using Ruby IRB
  • Debugging Ruby Code
  • Using Puppet API for Custom Facts
  • Using Puppet API for Custom Functions (API v1 and v2)
  • Writing Types and Providers (API v1 and API v2)

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