Getting Started with Puppet

Official Puppet course: Getting Started With Puppet

Berlin, Germany

Heinlein Akademie Berlin

20th-22nd September 2021


Munich, Germany

ATIX AG Munich

13th-15th September 2021


Essen, Germany

Linuxhotel Villa Vogelsang

11th-13th October 2021

Getting Started with Puppet (formerly Puppet Fundamentals) is a three-day official course with a practical approach. The course is designed for users who are new to managing their infrastructure with Puppet’s products.

Getting Started with Puppet shows you how to control your IT environment with Puppet, Puppet Discovery, Tasks and Bolt, the Puppet Development Kit (PDK), and the Puppet Forge. This course gives you the tools and resources to automate your Infrastructure and to get it up and running faster than ever before.

The courses are held in German. Courses in English can be provided on request.


This Puppet course focuses on the basic Puppet principles and on how to start using existing modules to automate IT infrastructures.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up a Puppet development environment
  • Control an unmanaged IT infrastructure
  • Perform ad hoc tasks with Bolt and Puppet Tasks
  • Manage the system state with the help of Puppet modules
  • Manage Windows and Linux servers with a common Puppet codebase
  • Find, download, wrap, and use Puppet Modules from the Puppet Forge
  • Classify test nodes to enforce configuration
  • Collect and analyze results in the Enterprise Console

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