Puppet Consulting

Flexible consulting services on Puppet software, delivered by experts
Onsite or remote support, offered flexibly
Offering functional solutions which develop your skills

Practical and flexible Puppet consulting services

example42’s core competences are based on Puppet automation, consulting, and training.
We support our global customers with Puppet- related services, such as:

  • Greenfield setups: Building up new IT infrastructures with Puppet from scratch
  • Brownfield migrations: Step-by-step automation of existing server infrastructure
  • Code review: Review, optimization, and problem solving within existing Puppet codebases
  • Puppet migrations: Upgrade and modernization of existing Puppet code and infrastructures
  • Support and repair of customers’ Puppet code issues

We provide support and consulting on Puppet software based on our core principles:

  • Expertise: We have vast experience in Puppet software and IT and Cloud operations
  • Flexibility: We provide support remote and onsite, short and long term, per hour or day
  • Knowledge transfer: We want our customers to understand and use Puppet to its full potential
  • Open source:  Whenever possible we open source our Puppet modules and products

Why example42?

Mid/Long-term engagements

We support customers with various Puppet-related activity, offering flexible mid- and long-term engagements.  The booking of work-days can be used over a dedicated range of time.  We deliver these based  on customer’s request and needs. This allows us to perform different Puppet-related activity: consulting, training on the job, development, support, etc.

Onsite activities are counted per day and planned in advance.
Remote activities are counted per hour and can be either synchronous (shared screen calls, pair programming sessions) or asynchronous (code developments, email support).

Short-term and efficient support

We want everybody to be successful with Puppet. Therefore, we provide fast and competent short-term support, even only a single hour of focused help on a specific problem.

We have designed a dedicated package to deliver fast solutions for Puppet errors.
We provide remote synchronous support for Puppet issues which might be related to your code, your infrastructure, your architecture choices, or clarification of Puppet topics. 
Imagine having the possibility to talk about your Puppet issues in a shared screen session with world-class experts.

Get the Puppet software support you need