A Puppet Control repo and a module
to quickly setup a modern Puppet infrastructure
ready to manage most of the common systems configurations


Control Repo

A modern, opinionated, general purpose, fully featured, reusable Puppet control-repo [generator] on steroids, featuring:

  • Multiple ways to test local Puppet code (on Docker, Vagrant or directly remote hosts)
  • A Gitlab CI pipeline to control Puppet code deployment
  • Usability in any Puppet setup, based on Puppet OSS, PE, Foreman…
  • A tool set to create and maintain a new control-repo based on PSICK (WIP)
  • Powerful and easy ways to customize Multi-VM Vagrant environments
  • Documentation on Puppet and on various approaches to how to organize code and data
  • A separated sample Hieradata module for real-world usage examples

An innovative standalone Puppet module that can be used without the Psick control-repo. With a single, uniform module, it manages various common resources and components typically managed on Linux and Windows.

It can save you from using dozens of independent and heterogeneous modules.

Among its features:

  • A robust interface for Hiera driven nodes classification
  • Ready-to-use profiles for common system baselines
  • Support and integration with common third-party modules
  • Integration with Tiny Puppet and tp_profiles

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