Foreman / Katello

example42 course: Foreman/Katello

Berlin, Germany

Heinlein Akademie Berlin
04th-06th October 2021

Essen, Germany

Linuxhotel Villa Vogelsang
30th September - 1st October 2021




Foreman/Katello is the open source version of RedHat Satellite and essentially offers centralized interface to manage different components of an infrastructure:

  • Asset Management
  • Content Mangement using Katello (RPM and Debian Repositories)
  • Configuration Management (Puppet, Ansible)
  • Provisionining (Hardware, VM)
  • Compute Resources (Cloud, Container)

In addition, Foreman handles the components compulsory for a functioning environment (DNS, DHCP, TFTP).

This training addresses each of the previous points.

For this three-day custom course, prior knowledge of the common Linux Network Services is required.

The courses are held in German. Courses in English can be provided on request.


Training covers the following points:

  • Foreman installation and architecture (Foreman installer, base configuration, integration in an existing infrastructure)
  • Configuring and using Smart Proxies (Bind, ISC-DHCP, TFTP, Pulp Content, Puppet CA, Ansible Runner, Remote execution)
  • Managing content using Katello (Product, RPM, Debian repositories, SLES/RHEL subscriptions, Content views, Lifecycle environments)
  • Configuration management (Ansible roles and parameters, Puppet environments and modules, Host groups)
  • Provisioning servers (CentOS kickstart, Debian preseed)
  • Compute resources (Cloud with AWS/Azure/Google , Virtualization with VMware, Containers)
  • Maintenance and management (Backup and restore, upgrade, Command line usage with Hammer CLI)
  • Access and rights management (Multitenancy, User management, User roles)

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