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Scalable Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is changing; there’s no denying it. From Mainframes to servers in racks to Virtualization are the past. Cloud and Containerization are the future. We can help your company or team to find a fitting solution for your needs in this fast-paced ecosystem. 

Whatever your plan or challenge, let example42 be your guide. Whether you are moving a whole data center, just need resources to scale up during performance peaks, or want to build test environments automatically to test a new software, we make sure the solution fits your needs and works.


We support you building up a reliable infrastructure using Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Hetzner Cloud and ensure your infrastructure is reliable, scalable, manageable, secure, and cost effective, using tools like Terraform and Puppet.


Containers are more than product-filled metal boxes on ships; they are also the next step of IT infrastructure evolution. Containers take capsuling application and effective use of resources to the next level. While these are easily scalable, you need a guardian to keep them under control.

This is where Kubernetes, also known as k8s, comes into play, in its role as a very versatile and flexible container orchestration software, which takes care of deploying your containers, clustering, monitoring and scaling your applications and a lot of other tasks. 

We have experience running Kubernetes on premise and in the cloud and know the potential obstacles of operating and using Kubernetes.

Running Kubernetes is like putting a puzzle together; you have multiple options for every component. Choosing the right one for your needs is our specialty!

After helping your team to set up the cluster, we work with you to ensure you feel safe and comfortable using it.

Automate Your Routine Tasks so Your System Administrators Can Focus on Key Business Factors

Keep your IT environment consistent and secure, solve problems and new tasks faster.
The improved workflows will benefit not only the IT staff, but also the entire company.

Get Instant Help with Remote Puppet Pair Programming

A revolutionary, fast, flexible and incredibly  useful service from example42:
Remote Pair Programming and Troubleshooting with World Class Puppet Experts.

Raise the Bar with Puppet Trainings

Improve your Puppet knowledge with the help exprerienced trainers.
Onsite, Remote and Classroom trainings on official Puppet courses or custom workshops.

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