IT automation support

Architecture, consulting, support and development of infrastructure automation
public and private clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Hetzner Cloud, VMware)
and cloud-native infrastructures (Docker, Kubernetes)

DevOps and IT automation

What is essential for successful Infrastructure automation? Effective, practical, expert support, as well as training and consulting.

IT infrastructures are always changing; there’s no denying it. From Mainframes to servers in racks, from Physical to Virtual machines to Containers, from private Datacenters to Public Clouds, in the last 25 years we have seen Information Technologies evolving and changing to face growing complexity and scale. In such a context, automation is a mandatory prerequisite.

example42 IT Automation consulting

example42‘s main area of consulting is on Puppet, but we constantly work with private and public Cloud infrastructures and data centers and deal with different technologies and processes related to automation.
We have vast experience with IT operations and infrastructures as SysAdmins and DevOps. Therefore, we are able to deliver consulting and support for the technologies that automate high performance IT infrastructures, such as Puppet.

We provide support and consulting on Puppet software based on our core principles:

    • Expertise: We know what we are talking about, and we  will tell you if we don ‘t.
    • Flexibility: We provide support remote and onsite, short and long term, per hour or day
    • Knowledge transfer: We want our customers to be successful, independent, and to be able to make informed decisions
    • Open source: Whenever possible we open source our solutions and training material

Why example42?

Cloud consulting and support

We provide consulting and support for the following Cloud-related topics:

  • Selection of the best Cloud provider and relevant services
  • Design and implementation of Cloud-based solutions
  • Automation of Cloud deployments (typically with Terraform)
  • Automation of systems configurations
  • Cloud migrations

Kubernetes consulting

We offer specific support on Kubernetes on topics such as:

  • Cloud-native infrastructures design
  • Pipelines for building container images
  • Automation of Kubernetes cluster setup
  • Architecture and implementation of Kubernetes infrastructures
  • Workflows for application deployments
  • Cloud-native migrations

Continuous integration and delivery CI/CD

Among the first things to automate are the building, testing, and deployment of applications. We help with:

  • Designing CI/CD pipelines for applications and for Infrastructure code
  • CI/CD implementation and configurations
  • Support for tools like GitLab Runner, Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI, and  Circle CI
  • Source-code management platforms (GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket)
  • Artifact and package repository setup (Katello, Artifactory, Nexus)


DevOps is a general term which covers different areas, including tools, processes, methodologies, and culture. We share proven skills in:

  • DevOps methodologies, approach, and adoption
  • Monitoring design, migrations, and tools (Icinga, Prometheus, Nagios)
  • Logs management (Splunk, ELK stack, Grey Log)
  • Collaboration tools, ChatOps, and cross integrations
  • Infrastructure as Code (Puppet, Ansible, Terraform)